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(pale skin is greeted by air and a stroke of warm palms spreading down his chest to his abdomen, scratching a light path to a belt that creaks free and slides away; it's forgotten on the floor with the rest. a bend up, belly to belly, tingle from words like honey in his ear spreading over his skin in delighted goosebumps.)

You're always in my thoughts, Prince Ninurrta, (voice husky, next inhale shaking under kiss and bite along his neck,) and I'm in yours. You're mine, in those short hours...

You've been above me, below me, always holding me firmly — as if I'd ever try to go somewhere, leave you there alone. (baring beneath him, pants slipping down a knee to pool quietly with the rest, sidon's fingers spread beneath ninurrta's waistband and gather what he feels hardening there, grip hot.) It's our union I dream of, you're inside of me and each wave of you builds a pressure in me that's set to burst.

(a low gasp between teeth in the act of palming between his lover's legs, eyelids sinking.

heady gaze settling on ninurrta's face with a freer touch, his thumb presses to a cheekbone. there's nothing more caring in the gesture, it saying what he can't yet seem to.

It'll be far easier to show you what I mean.
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[ oh.


it's difficult, to not shift his weight, to not free his hands to press them across that kind, clever mouth. sidon begins to speak, freely and honestly, and the red flush spreads across ninurrta's cheeks and throat, staining his skin with both his desire to hear more and the soft, subtle shame that is a constant in his life. sidon is elegant, persuasive; he sounds like romance. he'd asked for these words, and this truth; the knowledge that sidon speaks true, as he always has, and has dreamed and thought of the two of them together is more than he can say, on his own behalf.

show me, he wants to say.

instead, he doubles-down and focuses on removing the remainder of his own clothing. on running the flats of his palms and the edges of his nails along sidon's collarbones, down over his stomach. to take him in hand, in the same moment that his mouth hunts for sidon's once more. there's - a softer thing there, that might be wanting. and a harder thing, that might be hunger. ]

There's no rush, [ a soothing tone, a tongue that heralds the arrival of small, sharp teeth along the side of sidon's throat, ] we have all night, together.