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(this is not how he expected this night to go, despite their history of vague flirtations and frequent letters sent trying to put into words how terribly he was missing him. for the months and months they go without seeing one another, the situation would seem a likely course, but his mind never offered this as an outcome. prince ninurrta is engaged, these frivolities are sinful — and his stomach flips, his heart squeezes, and everything gets that much hotter.

lips parting for a word, nothing coming but a soft, startled gasp.

the pull of a pretty mouth, the drag of a warm tongue, the scrape of teeth that promise him deep satisfaction, and the gaze pins sidon; his ears burn beneath flips and waves of crimson hair.

what's impossible to do is resist the temptation touch him back in repayment, hands moving automatically to catch the lace and tug it away entirely. ninurrta's stare is met with an almost shy one of his own, when fingers of a free hand meet back with the curves of proud horns with a seeking stroke down to where they meet skull. he's always wanted this, realization setting in with a empathic crease of his brow, stepping in close to share his space when the prince's hair is pushed into and held at the root.

difficult, too difficult to resist this. a lean nearer, head tipping just so, the sweet breath mingling with his enough to drive reason away.

Then I'll give it, for all of tonight.

(there's some subtle shake to the quiet voice, huskier, as noses brush and nails rake gently against scalp.)

I've only ever dreamed of this...
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[ There is focus, in Ninurrta's eyes. He is not so much a hunter, in this moment, as he is someone with a vision. His vision happens to include Sidon, spread out and flushed in his bed, barely able to hold himself at bay. And it seems, in this moment, that he is well on his way to making such a thought their reality. Especially when Sidon's fingers find horn again, and he sighs another sweet sound, this time folding in against the other.

He wants, nothing more, than to turn his head into those fingers. To arch against them, chasing some feeling that he knows will not leave him fulfilled.

Not in the way he wants. ]

You needn't flatter, [ a laugh, as his free fingers fumble their own way through the swathe of crimson before him. Stroking Sidon's face from hairline to the tip of his chin.

He draws him in - into his arms, into the fold of his body. Into a kiss, impatiently. ]
I want far more on me than your eyes and your thoughts.
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(grasping at ninurrta's evening clothes, the simpler affair he was changing into, their proximity makes his eyelids sink. everything he's been secretly holding onto until now is prone to be let go.

they embrace and they hold each other as steady as their shared faith, no time to breathe before the hurried kiss, heat pooling in his gut as a feeling grips him tightly.
) Gods, you do have a silver tongue. (murmured against a willing mouth, lips pressing again, seeking him with a curl of a bold tongue and a smile he can't allay.

already this is too much, especially with layers and layers of suffocating clothes. while he loathes to remove his hands, it's for a greater purpose — sidon will drag him against his front in the moments that follow and guide him back towards the bed with sure steps, dropping heavy cloak from his shoulders and an intricate jacket that follows suit on the floor.

May I...?

(breathlessly, clever fingers finding the hem of ninurrta's shirt, warm touch pushing up a bare stomach.)
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[ He can feel the flutter of Sidon's heart, if he presses his fingers against the length of his throat. A nervous pulse, under skin warmed by a needy flush - he's so handsome, this dandy from the Shark clan. A creature born of unsubtle passions, smiles and sweetness. All things that Ninurrta hungers for, so he pulls Sidon to him, looking to fill the lacking in his heart.

Sidon hesitates, long enough to ask him if he May - and Ninurrta laughs, soft, at how sweet he can be.

He rolls his shoulders and drops his own jacket, freeing his arms and shoulders. He's mostly undressed, as it is. Nothing left to him but soft undershirt and tailored pants, even his footware has been kicked to the side, to be forgotten at the side of his bed. He seizes Sidon's hands and pulls them in, and up. Pressing them higher under his shirt, flattened against his skin ( warming; from contact and the flush that spreads from the bridge of his nose and down the length of his throat ). ]


[ He smiles, coy. Reaches for Sidon's arms, his body. Trails his fingers across bare skin, the sides of his throat. Draws him down, into another slow kiss - teeth finding his bottom lip this time, one foot hooking around Sidon's ankle, to counter-swing his weight around, pressing him hurriedly down against the bed. ]
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(fingers splay while they can, his body is as beautiful as the last he saw it from so far away, never close enough, marking him with a burning touch that betrays his own excitement. it's not just affecting ninurrta, the blush lovely on him, the dizzying heat rises in his own face, accented by crimson hair.

hair that coils onto sheets as they're pressed into them, back arching to stay close.

the biting kiss gets the first low sound from him, a low gasp between them, heel finding the bed with a bump and slide. it enables warm thighs to press in as he angles up, to keep narrow hips against his as sidon chances the first rock of their bodies together with a sharper exhale; he's turned on. devastatingly. he wants nothing more than ninurrta pressing into him, moving with him — not to meet an end, but to hail a beginning

a light touch turns firm, raking at lean muscle of a pale chest before pulling away.

Come, (staring dazedly up at prince ninurrta with an inviting smile, thumbs opening the buttons of his blouse,) I'll love you better than any other.
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[ His hands slip, momentarily. Feeling out the width of Sidon's waist and the heaviness of his thighs, fingers and thumb cupping the tops of his legs as Ninurrta shifts against him. Settles his weight properly, knees spread and spine angled softly - to catch the motion of Sidon's hips, as the other seeks out contact and pressure.

Ninurrta leans down, a shallow curve of his spine to keep his body in contact at that point, and his hands seek the tangles of red hair that spill across his bedsheets. Sidon is warm in palette and in body, and again, Ninurrta sighs - that pleased, half-needy sentiment he's voiced more than once tonight. He works on whatever clothes they have left, and sheds his own like water. Layers of fabric dripping off the edge of the bed, or cast to the floor without a care. He sets his hands to Sidon's hips, to wrestle with his pants, while his mouth finds the crook of the other's throat - teething and tonguing a single spot until he thinks better of littering Sidon's skin with marks.

Love me, until I forget, is what he wants to say. Instead, he says: ]

You said that you dreamed of this. Tell me.
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(pale skin is greeted by air and a stroke of warm palms spreading down his chest to his abdomen, scratching a light path to a belt that creaks free and slides away; it's forgotten on the floor with the rest. a bend up, belly to belly, tingle from words like honey in his ear spreading over his skin in delighted goosebumps.)

You're always in my thoughts, Prince Ninurrta, (voice husky, next inhale shaking under kiss and bite along his neck,) and I'm in yours. You're mine, in those short hours...

You've been above me, below me, always holding me firmly — as if I'd ever try to go somewhere, leave you there alone. (baring beneath him, pants slipping down a knee to pool quietly with the rest, sidon's fingers spread beneath ninurrta's waistband and gather what he feels hardening there, grip hot.) It's our union I dream of, you're inside of me and each wave of you builds a pressure in me that's set to burst.

(a low gasp between teeth in the act of palming between his lover's legs, eyelids sinking.

heady gaze settling on ninurrta's face with a freer touch, his thumb presses to a cheekbone. there's nothing more caring in the gesture, it saying what he can't yet seem to.

It'll be far easier to show you what I mean.
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[ oh.


it's difficult, to not shift his weight, to not free his hands to press them across that kind, clever mouth. sidon begins to speak, freely and honestly, and the red flush spreads across ninurrta's cheeks and throat, staining his skin with both his desire to hear more and the soft, subtle shame that is a constant in his life. sidon is elegant, persuasive; he sounds like romance. he'd asked for these words, and this truth; the knowledge that sidon speaks true, as he always has, and has dreamed and thought of the two of them together is more than he can say, on his own behalf.

show me, he wants to say.

instead, he doubles-down and focuses on removing the remainder of his own clothing. on running the flats of his palms and the edges of his nails along sidon's collarbones, down over his stomach. to take him in hand, in the same moment that his mouth hunts for sidon's once more. there's - a softer thing there, that might be wanting. and a harder thing, that might be hunger. ]

There's no rush, [ a soothing tone, a tongue that heralds the arrival of small, sharp teeth along the side of sidon's throat, ] we have all night, together.