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PRINCE SIDON ([personal profile] spindrifts) wrote in [community profile] calimport 2017-03-31 10:33 pm (UTC)

(fingers splay while they can, his body is as beautiful as the last he saw it from so far away, never close enough, marking him with a burning touch that betrays his own excitement. it's not just affecting ninurrta, the blush lovely on him, the dizzying heat rises in his own face, accented by crimson hair.

hair that coils onto sheets as they're pressed into them, back arching to stay close.

the biting kiss gets the first low sound from him, a low gasp between them, heel finding the bed with a bump and slide. it enables warm thighs to press in as he angles up, to keep narrow hips against his as sidon chances the first rock of their bodies together with a sharper exhale; he's turned on. devastatingly. he wants nothing more than ninurrta pressing into him, moving with him — not to meet an end, but to hail a beginning

a light touch turns firm, raking at lean muscle of a pale chest before pulling away.

Come, (staring dazedly up at prince ninurrta with an inviting smile, thumbs opening the buttons of his blouse,) I'll love you better than any other.

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