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[ He can feel the flutter of Sidon's heart, if he presses his fingers against the length of his throat. A nervous pulse, under skin warmed by a needy flush - he's so handsome, this dandy from the Shark clan. A creature born of unsubtle passions, smiles and sweetness. All things that Ninurrta hungers for, so he pulls Sidon to him, looking to fill the lacking in his heart.

Sidon hesitates, long enough to ask him if he May - and Ninurrta laughs, soft, at how sweet he can be.

He rolls his shoulders and drops his own jacket, freeing his arms and shoulders. He's mostly undressed, as it is. Nothing left to him but soft undershirt and tailored pants, even his footware has been kicked to the side, to be forgotten at the side of his bed. He seizes Sidon's hands and pulls them in, and up. Pressing them higher under his shirt, flattened against his skin ( warming; from contact and the flush that spreads from the bridge of his nose and down the length of his throat ). ]


[ He smiles, coy. Reaches for Sidon's arms, his body. Trails his fingers across bare skin, the sides of his throat. Draws him down, into another slow kiss - teeth finding his bottom lip this time, one foot hooking around Sidon's ankle, to counter-swing his weight around, pressing him hurriedly down against the bed. ]

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