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PRINCE SIDON ([personal profile] spindrifts) wrote in [community profile] calimport 2017-03-30 02:03 am (UTC)

(grasping at ninurrta's evening clothes, the simpler affair he was changing into, their proximity makes his eyelids sink. everything he's been secretly holding onto until now is prone to be let go.

they embrace and they hold each other as steady as their shared faith, no time to breathe before the hurried kiss, heat pooling in his gut as a feeling grips him tightly.
) Gods, you do have a silver tongue. (murmured against a willing mouth, lips pressing again, seeking him with a curl of a bold tongue and a smile he can't allay.

already this is too much, especially with layers and layers of suffocating clothes. while he loathes to remove his hands, it's for a greater purpose — sidon will drag him against his front in the moments that follow and guide him back towards the bed with sure steps, dropping heavy cloak from his shoulders and an intricate jacket that follows suit on the floor.

May I...?

(breathlessly, clever fingers finding the hem of ninurrta's shirt, warm touch pushing up a bare stomach.)

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