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( TRAITOR PRINCE) ninurrтa. ([personal profile] trueborn) wrote in [community profile] calimport 2017-03-30 12:19 am (UTC)

[ There is focus, in Ninurrta's eyes. He is not so much a hunter, in this moment, as he is someone with a vision. His vision happens to include Sidon, spread out and flushed in his bed, barely able to hold himself at bay. And it seems, in this moment, that he is well on his way to making such a thought their reality. Especially when Sidon's fingers find horn again, and he sighs another sweet sound, this time folding in against the other.

He wants, nothing more, than to turn his head into those fingers. To arch against them, chasing some feeling that he knows will not leave him fulfilled.

Not in the way he wants. ]

You needn't flatter, [ a laugh, as his free fingers fumble their own way through the swathe of crimson before him. Stroking Sidon's face from hairline to the tip of his chin.

He draws him in - into his arms, into the fold of his body. Into a kiss, impatiently. ]
I want far more on me than your eyes and your thoughts.

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