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PRINCE SIDON ([personal profile] spindrifts) wrote in [community profile] calimport 2017-03-29 02:40 am (UTC)

(this is not how he expected this night to go, despite their history of vague flirtations and frequent letters sent trying to put into words how terribly he was missing him. for the months and months they go without seeing one another, the situation would seem a likely course, but his mind never offered this as an outcome. prince ninurrta is engaged, these frivolities are sinful — and his stomach flips, his heart squeezes, and everything gets that much hotter.

lips parting for a word, nothing coming but a soft, startled gasp.

the pull of a pretty mouth, the drag of a warm tongue, the scrape of teeth that promise him deep satisfaction, and the gaze pins sidon; his ears burn beneath flips and waves of crimson hair.

what's impossible to do is resist the temptation touch him back in repayment, hands moving automatically to catch the lace and tug it away entirely. ninurrta's stare is met with an almost shy one of his own, when fingers of a free hand meet back with the curves of proud horns with a seeking stroke down to where they meet skull. he's always wanted this, realization setting in with a empathic crease of his brow, stepping in close to share his space when the prince's hair is pushed into and held at the root.

difficult, too difficult to resist this. a lean nearer, head tipping just so, the sweet breath mingling with his enough to drive reason away.

Then I'll give it, for all of tonight.

(there's some subtle shake to the quiet voice, huskier, as noses brush and nails rake gently against scalp.)

I've only ever dreamed of this...

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