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( TRAITOR PRINCE) ninurrтa. ([personal profile] trueborn) wrote in [community profile] calimport 2017-03-29 12:50 am (UTC)

[ This is no trick; not here, not in the privacy of his bedchambers, with one that he holds so dearly. ]

You're as kind as ever, [ he says, with a rough catch in his voice, ] to think that I want you to free me.

[ And he turns his face further into the curve of Sidon's hand, pressing his mouth to his palm. To those questing fingers. The lacework topples across one half of his face, caught on the last edges of string and embroidery, and a shock of pale blue hair follows it. Ninurrta bows his head into his task, tongue finding the ball of Sidon's thumb with agonizing languor, following the length of his finger until he can take it into his mouth. Teeth an afterthought, as he peers up through his bangs and

smiles, ever so sweetly.

He pauses, if only to free his mouth so that he can answer: ]

Yes. I'll have your company, for all of tonight.

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