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(the first of ninurrta's sounds is imagined, surely, wishful mind playing sultry tricks on him in the prince of chaos' bedchambers.

the second, however, is unmistakeable. especially when fingers take hold of his wrist, a very counterproductive way to ask him for help. any sign of sidon being bothered is kept to hands that get a little bolder, a little firmer in touch, expression in an almost permanently contented smile.

Is that so? I am flattered you thought of me...

(it is, however, flustering. they're alone, not a soul around, and he can't pretend the feeling isn't creeping into his chest and making tan cheeks darken with an affected flush. this lace is proving a bit difficult, with everything in mind, distracted from it several times in the past minute. in fact, it's been loosened ever since he begun, but in a moment of weakness he's omitted that fact — not wanting to distance himself quite yet.

palm nudged into, prince sidon presses lips together and spoils himself with a lower touch to ninurrta's cheek. almost reverent, as some fingers forget the task they started and thread back into wisps of pale blue.

Then I see no reason to venture very far, once I've freed you, Your Highness. (despite the moment of hesitation, wondering if this is the indulgent mood he thinks it is, sidon speaks candidly.) Perhaps a night in, uninterrupted?

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