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PRINCE SIDON ([personal profile] spindrifts) wrote in [community profile] calimport 2017-03-28 05:00 am (UTC)

(and the permission's been given, stepping in closer after all is said. really, this is too close, but it takes careful sight to remove delicate lace from a tangle and there's a certain mood he wants to cultivate. a private, personal one that's meant only for them; he's spent too long with the rest of merkava's noblemen and women.)

I will be here for some time yet, my friend, don't fret over so small a thing. This trip has been fulfilling, so far! (reaching up into his space, fingers finding horn and lace to begin fussing,) It has been too long since my last visit, however... I do hope we can spend as much time together as we are able.

(a press of thumb, knuckles brushing soft blue hair. doing this is a pleasure to be counted among very few others, strands like silk — he's always appreciated the prince's idea of style, careful not to muss the braid.

it's distracting, for a moment, but eyes eventually lower from the task to settle on ninurrta's.

I missed you terribly.

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