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My apologies, I've intruded so rudely! I confess, I was searching for you for some time, so Iā€”

(doesn't know whether he should cover his eyes or stay casual. they are both men, after all, and servants change them day in and day out, so why is this suddenly a bigger deal than he anticipated? changing in front of one another should take no second thought, yet here he stands with a lingering gaze, stuck there with a decision to make as though ninurrta's frozen his fine boots to the floor.

a pause is taken, in his mental debate.

he has to consider the situation the prince has gotten himself into. the horn is going to rip that lovely lace and sully the shirt that's fallen from his mouth onto the floor ā€” if anything, sidon can be a bit of help. and the desire to stay is an overpowering one.

May I lend a hand?

(crossing the room, surefooted, sidon stops an arm's distance away to wait for his permission.)

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