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( TRAITOR PRINCE) ninurrтa. ([personal profile] trueborn) wrote in [community profile] calimport 2017-03-27 11:36 pm (UTC)

breathes deeply I GUESS?? this is how it goes

[ Ninurrta appears -

a little frazzled.

It's impossible to discern if he was already feeling that way, or if it had come upon him when he had heard Sidon's voice at the door. One horn is, unfortunately, caught up in the folds of his evening attire - his delicately-embroidered overcoat, to be exact. It seems as though he was trying to change out of the elegant layers and lush fabrics rather quickly, and that he, quite obviously, is a little unsure about how to approach the daunting task without alerting the staff.

There is another shirt caught between his teeth, something far more simple - perhaps understated, and he freezes. Utterly and completely, when Sidon enters the room. Opening his mouth means dropping the bit of cloth, but he'll do it, as he tugs fruitless on the scrap of lacework that's wound tight about the length of horn, and he says, in a voice breathless and abashed: ]

I was, just changing into something... more appropriate. I was going to come find you.

[ You ruined his plans!!! ]

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