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[In the face of Kaneki's approach, Haise's tension only mounts. To his credit, he does manage to remain quite still. Perhaps entirely too much so, like a creature that hopes if it doesn't move at all, a predator might overlook it. Haise knows better than to believe that Kaneki will leave him alone if he gets no form of reaction from him; efforts to ignore him had only been rewarded with more attempts before.

Now that he's tangible, he has no choice but to look at him. Before, he could at least avoid doing so.

He sets his jaw, something behind his eyes hardening with what he can muster of resolve, if only because he's been forced into this position. For the span of his brief existence, Haise has been a cornered animal. It was made clear to him early on that either he rose to the occasion or he could die, and there was nothing in-between. He jerks when Kaneki plants his hand against his chest, but he doesn't move further. It's the best he can muster of some quiet defiance]

I don't think you could, as you are now.

[The stiffness about his words betrays his effort to remain composed, but his voice is steady nevertheless. Kaneki might be the sum of a past he dreaded being confronted with, but he's stuck with him now. He doesn't have the option to ignore him as he'd so often tried]
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[ The name curls, like the body of something serpentine and dripping with venom. Scolding, sarcastic. Kaneki's fingers tighten in the material of Haise's shirt, but he doesn't use that as leverage to bring the tense form of his "other" closer to him. Instead, he draws ever closer to him. In this place, where Haise's mark is upon everything - right down to the clothes that Kaneki wears, and oh, he has a few choice words about the decision to dress him up. Certainly, it was only logical, but Haise had put him in his clothes. ]

You're really not the first idiot to think that.

[ For shame.

Soon enough, Kaneki leans over Haise. One hand pressed against the edge of the table behind him, the other tangled in the material of his shirt. How far can he bully Haise, before the other lashes out in return? He's close now, close enough that biting into the flesh of Haise's neck would be an afterthought. Digging his fingers through his ribcage would be a simple endeavor. And yet, for all he's said about how he feels towards Haise, there in the dark abyss of his dreamscape - he makes no violent motion. His hand loosens, and his hip brushes against Haise's as he sits alongside him. ]

There's no love lost between us, you know that. And yet, you're now the safest from me that you could be.
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[The proximity is entirely too much. Not for the first time that day, Haise doesn't so much as breathe, simply waiting for Kaneki to lash out at him. He expects it with every movement and every syllable the other makes, and yet it doesn't come. Instead Kaneki just sits beside him, still too close, without ceremony. That hostility all but evaporates, and yet he's sure it's still there. The moment he lets his guard down, he'll be reminded of that.

He remains rigid where he sits, and he's sure it's perceptible to someone sitting this close beside him. In this moment, Haise isn't sure how he'll fare if he budges, and so he chooses not to. Better to be a statue that remains in one piece than crumbling]

I'm not the one who made it that way.

[And he surprises himself in saying that, some measure of shock darting across his features before he can catch himself. His only saving grace is that he's watching his hands rather than Kaneki, and it might pass for calm without that brief wide-eyed alarm he takes a moment to smooth away.

It's the truth, but it doesn't mean he wanted to bother voicing it. From his earliest days, Kaneki had never been a pleasant presence in his mind. And on some instinctual level he knew that giving in would be the end of him, so he'd come to recognize Kaneki for what he's always known him to be.

He hadn't decided to exist, nor had he picked a fight with this not-him, so far as he's concerned]

My only safety is in my utility.

[And in that, Kaneki is just the same as everyone else]
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[ A flash of something dark licks across Kaneki's expression; how bold Haise had grown, from one moment to the next. Clinging to the skirts of something that wasn't his to begin with. It hurts, to think that this "other" had been what was born from what was left behind. A soft thing, with a tremble in the set of his jaw and the inability to look his progenitor in the eye. Kaneki wants to seize his face and make him look; he wants Haise to look at him and never look away, and accept the truth of their situation.

Someone else had determined that Kaneki was more valuable in a place where he was simply made to exist. He doesn't fool himself into thinking that's all that's wanted of him. But, in comparison, it's quite rude. Haise has his uses, but Kaneki merely needs to be real.

With a heavy, annoyed sigh, he drops his weight against the other. The side of his body aligned with the side of Haise's, head pressed against his shoulder. ]

You know what I mean.

[ One of them had been bound and determined to subdue and consume the other, if balance could not be brokered.

With two, separate bodies, there was no more need. ]
I think you're rather useless, but I'm responsible for you.
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[Does he know? Haise wonders about that, as Kaneki's weight asserts itself against him. As he asserts himself against him. It remains all too surreal that his presence is now corporeal, perhaps more real than it had ever been, and now he's forced to deal with him regardless of what he does. Perhaps his own stability is ensured, but the trade-off is not one that he would have willingly made had he known the truth.

But now, here they are, two made from just one, or perhaps one and a half. Haise's posture remains rigid even now, hardly comfortable for Kaneki to lean against, but he doubts that comfort is in any respect a motivator here. If anything, it's a reminder, or at least that's how it appears to his perception.

He huffs out a vexed breath himself, and collects his paperwork. Regardless of his circumstances, there are expectations in place, and he knows the consequences should he fail to meet them]

You'll think what you will.

[To both of those statements]