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kaneki. ([personal profile] decides) wrote in [community profile] calimport 2017-03-31 08:04 pm (UTC)

[ Up, his fingers brush. Dusting through those short hairs, the white ends. Kaneki touches the back of Haise's head, in the same moment that he touches his own bangs - his hair, in contrast, is still shock-white and it perplexes him. Is this an aesthetic, selected by the scientists, or his entire, sudden existence a thing that has left him in a perpetual state.

Haise's steady hand skitters across the page, and Kaneki reaches down. Both hands resting over the backs of Haise's, fingers curled around the sides. He hovers there, nothing but two points of contact and the voice, curling around the crown of Haise's head. Speaking into the roots of dark hair. ]

Let me finish the paperwork.

[ Sometimes, it's all he has. ]

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