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[When they first met face-to-face, Haise couldn't have conceived of a time during which he'd be accustomed to Kaneki's presence. He'd always been some looming shadow in the back of his mind, and he'd never quite adapted to that so much as accepted it with some resignation, but physical proximity is another matter entirely. He'd have thought that he would never acclimate — that he'd flinch and start every time he failed to pick up that presence before Kaneki was right there beside him.

And yet it seems he's capable of more adjustment than he'd expected. He's not entirely accustomed, and maybe he never will be, but it's something he's learned to live with, incidental touches and all. He isn't quite sure why Kaneki does it, after he stops jolting at every glancing bit of contact. Beyond that point, surely it doesn't serve his purposes. So he thinks. So he expects.

But they only become more typical, and he finds that for his part, he doesn't mind it.

Well, with the exception of Kaneki breathing down the back of his neck, or any permutation thereof. Light as that touch is, it makes him go stock still, shoulders bunching automatically at the intrusion. The report he was writing now sports a jagged line across three sections, to top if off]


[He tries, albeit stiffly, to prompt some elaboration.

Unless he's simply saying his name. Sometimes, it is just that]

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