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kaneki. ([personal profile] decides) wrote in [community profile] calimport 2017-01-31 05:39 am (UTC)

[ The expression he dons, when the man in the lab coat enters the room, is nothing short of sullen loathing. Lethargic as he is, it doesn't take much to sink back into the chair he's been placed in and stare daggers through the nonchalant, paper-pushing scientist who speaks to Haise and overlooks Kaneki. He is a fixture, in this room. A baton to be passed from one hand to the next, and the hands that he comes to rest in are ones that he is painfully, intimately familiar with.

Haise does not seem content with the man's assessment, nor the delivery of a decision that Kaneki had already been privy to, when he had been awoken from a long, dark slumber. It had been surreal, not recognizing when he had been pulled from Haise's mind ( had he? was he the same consciousness that had shared space with the other besides him, or was this something else entirely? ) and placed into a freshly minted form. ]


[ The man in the lab coat does catch the quiet, derisive sound that Kaneki makes in the back of his throat.

That is the only acknowledgement that he receives, as all conversation is directed to the investigator at his side.

He'd like to leave this sterile, white place, and he does his best to convey the sentiment to Haise. It's difficult, when he cannot discern if their thoughts are still linked, or if Haise is even paying him mind as he drums his fingers irritably against his thighs. The two of them will be stuck together for some time, as subordinate and superior. For as long as they have purpose, he knows. Holding fast to Haise had robbed him of what little energy he'd possessed, and he can feel himself slipping, down and deep. He'll fall asleep if this goes on much longer, and hates the idea of taking his eyes off of either of them. ]

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