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[Kaneki's smile is in-line with Haise's expectations. He couldn't imagine him wearing such an expression with any believable warmth, for all that he'd haunted him for much of the brief span of his memory. For fear of him, he'd never looked his way, regardless of how many times he'd been prompted to do so, and he thinks perhaps that was the right choice.

Then again, he has no choice but to look, now.

With his wrist freed, Haise is quick to fold his arms behind him, tucking his hands neatly away from Kaneki's reach, or so he hopes. He'd been so distracted by all this that he'd failed to notice the sound of approaching footfalls, but they hammer in his ears now. He straightens his posture and watches the door, unsure what to expect, but holding to the hope that Kaneki had been wrong.

The door swings open and a middle-aged man in a lab coat strolls into the room, bespectacled gaze on the clipboard he's carrying rather than the two of them. He hardly bothers to look up, when he halts, intent instead on the paperwork he's reading. A hum or two is the sum total of what they're greeted with, and it's a wonder to Haise that the man didn't run into anything along the way.

Just as he opens his mouth to speak, the other man speaks up first]

I see you've exchanged your greetings, Sasaki.

[Once more, Haise makes an attempt to say something, but he's cut off before he manages much more than an initial sound]

Initial readings are within expected bounds, if a little low... RC levels aren't quite what we expected, but given the diet, not surprising. [The man's back to scanning his clipboard, casually leafing through pages] We'll be assigning Kaneki here as your subordinate, given your...unique circumstances.

[Now, Haise interrupts with a sputter, unconsciously moving a full step away from Kaneki's side as he stares at the doctor in open disbelief]

M-my sub- [The word chokes off before he can finish it, voice strained with alarm as it is. Why was Kaneki right?] But he hasn't even been through the academy—

[A logical argument to make, he thinks, except his reward is a dismissive wave]

You've given instruction before, haven't you, Sasaki? Besides which, he was technically present for your training...

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