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佐々木 琲世 ([personal profile] pursuit) wrote in [community profile] calimport 2017-01-30 02:48 am (UTC)

[The assertion, as with so much else, catches Haise by surprise. He wouldn't expect that he'd be made responsible for Kaneki, especially given that he was the cause for so much erratic — they often used the word inconvenient — behavior. Nothing about that had suggested that he would be able to do anything to mitigate anything that Kaneki might attempt, now that he's physically independent]

My—? But—

[He doesn't get any further before that grip around his wrist tightens like a vice. It doesn't damage him, but he recognizes the strength behind it, and that it could do much more than hurt if they weren't of the same biology. More than that, he knows if more effort were applied, he could be injured all the same.

Haise is left to wonder if it's a warning of some kind, but he isn't about to test is luck by inquiring, Instead, he swallows thickly, squaring his shoulders in some attempt to feel less like some small, trapped animal]

Just...don't touch my face.

[The audacity of that soft request doesn't escape him. It was Kaneki's face first]

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