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kaneki. ([personal profile] decides) wrote in [community profile] calimport 2017-01-30 01:55 am (UTC)

[ Where Haise is wary, Kaneki is direct.

Despite that he-but-not lingers just out of his reach, Kaneki reaches for him anyways.

He leans forward in his chair expectantly, as his hand glides through the space between them. He nearly over-reaches, nearly tips forwards out of his chair - still feeling the imbalances and imperfections caused by sedation and newly-spun muscle structure. One hand has to hold fast to the arm of the chair he's in, as he stubbornly leans forwards and snatches for Haise's hand. Or his wrist. Or even a few fingers. Anything that he can find purchase on, and use as leverage. Enough, so that when he hauls backwards, shoving his weight back into the chair, he can drag Haise the rest of the way into the kill box.

Kaneki's other hand, the one that had been clutching at the arm of the chair, finds its way to Haise's face. His face, once. Thumb finding the corner of his mouth, while his other fingers hook into the angle of his jaw. As though preparing to physically tear his-but-not's face clear from bone. ( This is not what he does - instead, his thumb pushes forwards. Pressing the corner of Haise's mouth back, back further. Until he sees the glint of teeth and has set Haise's expression into an awkward half-smile. ) There. ]

Why this.

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