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佐々木 琲世 ([personal profile] pursuit) wrote in [community profile] calimport 2017-01-30 01:15 am (UTC)

[With the wary manner in which Haise is watching him, he assuredly see that gesture. Even so, he lingers in place, an awkward dark pillar in this stark white room, hands still clasped too tight and shoulders rigid. Kaneki looks almost harmless where he sits, and yet he doubts anything will convince him that this is truly the case. On some deeper level, he's certain that it isn't at all the case, because the presence in his mind has always loomed over him like the shadow of a far larger creature. Even now he sees it.

It takes no small measure of effort to inch closer, reluctance evident in the gradual way with which he approaches this task. He doesn't think he's going to be allowed to leave so easily, though he hasn't the first idea of what this is meant to accomplish. Whatever's expected of them now is about as clear to him as the nature of this project was.

Here and now, he's still not sure what this was supposed to yield in the long run. He doesn't think Kaneki is a presence easily controlled or influenced, least of all by him, so it can't be that.

What is it, then?

He doesn't know, and he halts beyond arm's reach, having ventured as far as he dares to go at the moment. Sedate as his company is, part of him suspects that could change at any moment, and he's spent quite some time being jeered at for his own weakness by this very individual]

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