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佐々木 琲世 ([personal profile] pursuit) wrote in [community profile] calimport 2017-01-29 10:50 pm (UTC)

[He follows the gesture nervously, and to his discomfort, he thinks he recognizes what Kaneki is doing. And even here, in a tangible form he doesn't quite seem able to control yet, his former self is intimidating. Haise swallows uncomfortably, his first instinct to look back at the door. Predictably it's been shut behind him without his notice, his shoulders bunching up now that he does, given the distinct impression that he's been locked in a tiger's cage along with it.

When he decides the door isn't going to yield under his staring, he reluctantly looks to Kaneki again. The silence that settles heavily between them is one he doesn't elect to interrupt, not quite trusting his voice, and further uncertain what he could possibly say. Rather than speak, then, he takes stock of the person across the room.

He seems weary, this newly crafted him-but-not. Maybe that's a part of whatever process it was. Despite the quiet he's been given, Haise isn't sure that he would have gone along with this had he known what the scientists were really doing. What does it mean for Kaneki, to be this way? Afraid as he is, the thought still occurs to him. He'd always pictured the other as so much stronger, but only the vestigial intimidation remains.

It's sufficient to keep him rooted in place by the door, at least, hands clasped a little too tight]

...I'm sorry.

[He startles himself with the words, because he doesn't know why he's sorry]

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