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kaneki. ([personal profile] decides) wrote in [community profile] calimport 2017-01-29 09:51 pm (UTC)

[ It's like

seeing the sun for the first time, in a long while

and being unable to close his eyes. It's blinding.

Someone calls his name, and the voice is a familiar one. It speaks from a mouth that was once his, and it is far gentler than he remembered it to be. Haise Sasaki stands before him, tense and clearly startled by this turn of events. What did you truly expect, he wants to tell him, this is what they consider 'a release'. But, this flesh of his is too new, hyper-sensitized, and his throat seizes up, uttering but a single, muted sound that could be shock, could be rejection. Of all people, he doesn't want Haise Sasaki to see him this way. Wrapped up in hospital scrubs, pieced together by some manner of wild science from what remained in Haise Sasaki's newly minted brain. He didn't want this. But, if this is how it will be - ]


[ It's about all he can manage, half a wheeze, half a laugh.

He stretches a hand out, as if trying to reach across the room, and matches his fingers up with the length of Haise's throat. Miming the motion of seizing him by the throat, hard and fast. He's so tired, though. Though his fingers twitch, there's no strength in him. Can you still hear me, he thinks at Haise, and huffs a frustrated, resigned sound. So, this is how things are. ]

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