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[Throughout the span of this project, Haise has mostly been in the dark. He's been told where to report to, hooked up to machinery, had to supply samples of various sorts and spend more time being poked and prodded at than anything else. In all that time he's been unsure what the end result is meant to be — only that in the end, Kaneki isn't supposed to be haunting him anymore.

Release from that shadowy dread is at once something he hopes and fears for. He doesn't know what to make of the feeling, something nagging at him even as he thinks that he ought to be relieved. For time time now, he's felt the presence of Kaneki in the back of his awareness, sometimes quiet and others so loud it's impossible to ignore.

It was troublesome, the CCG had concluded, and so here he was.

That is, until one day he's told that they've finished. Haise has never known what the endgame was, but he does know that the nightmares have stopped. It doesn't feel as though something's scratching at the edges of his awareness anymore, instead a curious stillness settles over him. A void, like he's been hollowed out, and it only further begs the question of what 'finished' really meant.

When he's shown into the lab he sees exactly what it means, and all he can do is stare in abject disbelief, wide grey eyes taking in the sight of a curious figure. He's never looked at him, always too afraid, but somehow he knows immediately]


[Haise's voice comes out small and strained]

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