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There you are, I thought I'd miss the opportunity to see you before the evening came to a close.

(peeking in through the crack in the door, before he's emboldened by a silence heavy enough to invite himself in. while the rest of the palace is rather chill and unfeeling, prince ninurrta's room always seems the opposite when he's in it. they've been friends for some time now and it's not often the shark clan's visits from their villa by the sea bring him this deep into the heart of chaos.

there are, however, clan-wide tournaments held throughout the week. for students, all levels of graduate fighters, and powerful strangers alike. it would be a shame to miss such an event, a feeling his father echoed. now he's here, skirting all necessary etiquette in order to spend time with the person he hoped to see the most.

You're missing the festivities, Your Highness... Though, I suppose it's a rather boisterous affair.

(a pause, considering.)

Are you unwell?