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JUNO STEEL THE PINES [personal profile] sospita
NINURRTA NOAH FUTUROLOGY [personal profile] trueborn
THE DARKLING STATION 72 [personal profile] unsea
ALEX MERCER [personal profile] bioattack
LOCKE LAMORA [personal profile] camorr
KANEKI KEN [personal profile] decides
ROBIN [personal profile] fellmade
WILL HENRY [personal profile] folios
HARRY DRESDEN [personal profile] forzare
KANBARA AKIHITO [personal profile] godfields
NATHAN DRAKE [personal profile] henleys
BERTHOLDT FUBAR [personal profile] kolossal
NATSUME TAKASHI [personal profile] nominate
MILES UPSHUR [personal profile] upshur
URUMA RAN [personal profile] asics
VIKTOR NIKIFOROV [personal profile] chempion
MARCO ADRIANO [personal profile] garottes
GAMORA [personal profile] godkills
SEBASTIAN CASTELLANOS [personal profile] goldbadge
ZER0 [personal profile] kireji
OIKAWA TOORU [personal profile] kneebrace
TSUGUHITO YUTA [personal profile] latchkeys
SPECTER KNIGHT [personal profile] lichyard
PERCIVAL DE ROLO [personal profile] marksmans
PLAGUE KNIGHT [personal profile] miasmas
ETHAN WINTERS [personal profile] necrotoxin
NOE ARCHIVISTE [personal profile] orphelin
HYDE LAWLESS [personal profile] shitrat
NASU NO YOICHI [personal profile] torikake
ABYSSWALKER ARTORIAS [personal profile] voidwalk
YUAN OF THE SERPENT [personal profile] yosul
CADET TAYLOR [personal profile] 31u00w
YUCA COLLABEL [personal profile] abye
GIROLAMO RIARIO [personal profile] arbitror
EDDIE GLUSKIN [personal profile] brides
GLADIOLUS AMICITIA [personal profile] dawnbreak
VAX'ILDAN [personal profile] deathsworn
TSUNEMORI AKANE [personal profile] decisions
BUTCH DELORIA [personal profile] deloria
NEWT SCAMANDER [personal profile] eft
ATLAS [personal profile] falseface
LYON [personal profile] fomortiis
BAKUGOU KATSUKI [personal profile] incinerates
GENJO SANZO [personal profile] koans
THE OUTSIDER [personal profile] leviathans
ADACHI TOHRU [personal profile] malices
MATTHEW SWIFT [personal profile] mayoral
HANDSOME JACK [personal profile] moonbase
SCANLAN SHORTHALT [personal profile] mythcarver
NAGAI KEI [personal profile] nagai
WILL NAVIDSON [personal profile] navidson
NOGAMI NEURO [personal profile] nogami
RICHARD GANSEY III [personal profile] passions
VALTIEL PAC [personal profile] pineal
NICK BURKHARDT [personal profile] ptzd
DRIZZT DO'URDEN [personal profile] scimitars
PETER QUILL [personal profile] starborn
THE HUNTER [personal profile] transfuse
ARTEMIS ENTRERI [personal profile] twohand
PETER GRANT [personal profile] yapscale

code by [community profile] showcased.

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